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AGRETO Hour Meter - The professional solution

Almost every company uses machinery and equipment. However, many of these machines do not have their own on-board electronics for recording the operating times. The easiest and safest way to determine the operating hours of these machines is to install a professional AGRETO hour meter that adds up the time as the machine works or moves.

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The standard hour meter for machines that generate vibrations during use

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The standard hour meter
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AgriCounter Vibration

The new, intelligent hour meter
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AGRETO Hour Meter - For agriculture and industry

With AGRETO hour meters, the actual operating hours can be determined for each machine. This creates a serious accounting base for community machines and rental machines. Manipulation is difficult to impossible depending on the device. AGRETO hour meters are designed for heavy-duty use in agriculture and industry, they reliably and accurately record the operating time of your machines and devices.
Agreto products are high quality and durable, this is clearly demonstrated by the manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.
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